Pa˙rpura FrŠovÝb˘k˘s
(Seedstock Records SS-12 - April 2013)

A1. Er■o Upanaz - Ja˙rhtjaw˙rts
A2. Haifstjan Dauri Diupi■a
A3. ďgan
A4. Aggwiz Agisiz
A5. Gadiliggs - Ůagkjan Hulundi Se■
A6. Ůerh Merkwis˘ms Stigil˘z
A7. Ůistilŕ Swa Ůaurn˘z
B1. Air Uhtw˘n Bloms Wahstiz
B2. Paraskaiwe Pa˙rpur˘n
B3. Fri˘ Skafts Fra■i - Fulli■ŕ Ufargudja
B4. Lubjŕ Leuhada
B5. Treg˘n Ferhwaz

Housed in gatefold sleeve and includes a 12 page 12"x12" booklet with lyrics and art which is stapled to the inside spine of the gatefold sleeve.
500 copies on black vinyl

Artwork, Typography [Handwriting], Layout ľ Wagner Ídegňrd / Mastered By ľ Kris Lapke / Music By, Lyrics By, Instruments, Vocals ľ Wulkanaz / Drums recorded at Chambers of D on the 11:th - 13th of May year twelve. Guitars, bass and vocals recorded in Glipan Audio 21 - 30th of July year twelve.

(self-released - April 2013)

A1. Ainjaiw˘kijaz
B1. Breidungardaz
B2. Reisinŕniz

Professionally printed j-card and tape with ink-stamped labels. Snap case is sealed with a sticker. Each copy is dedicated to its owner.
Private edition on clear labelled tapes

Recorded at Glipan Audio. A1 and B2 previously unreleased. B1 previously released on Dauganawat˘ split Floppy Disk.

ďganan Maistaz Managiz˘
(Ătergap Productions ĂP 010 - November 2012)

A1. Aiwin Daug˘ Klutaz
A2.  Lopt Leuhada
A3. Unz Teldanna Slatŕz
B1. Lopt, Herra Sentit Morganŕ

Labeled cassette housed in cardboard slipcase, packaged in an oversize plastic sleeve with double-sided b/w fold-out cover. Includes a sigil pass and a pin.
230 copies on black tapes

Recorded year twelve at Glipan Audio II. Released for the Arosian Black Mass 2012.

HaglaNaudizEisaz (HNI)
(Wohrt Records W016  - 1st October 2012 / 2nd March 2013)

A1. Dunkaljan Himins
A2. We■ha˙rnjan
A3. FarflŠkan La■˘n Windi■˘
A4. Ga■airsan HÚ■j˘z
A5. Skaftikaunaz
A6. Sturmjanzuz Haimiz
B1. Gaganj˘z Fan Ailida Reikin˘n
B2. Reikifewur
B3. Gennjan Ůramiz
B4. Oiman Izwa Ůairk˘wair
B5. Afgrundi■a Derkiz

Professionally duplicated and printed Type II chrome cassette housed inside a handmade cardstock case, held together by a piece of twine. Includes a printed handmade mini-book, a silk-screened patch and a sticker.
147 copies on red tapes with black printing (1st Press)

Cursed onto Fostex tape Mars - of June year eleven at Glipan Audio. The album title is 'HaglaNaudizEisaz' (and it appears as such on the front cover and the spine), but the release was advertised and is referred to mainly by its abbreviated form 'HNI'.

(Skazonos Creations SC:001 - September 2012)

A1. Afgrundjaslukin
A2. Gennjan Ůramiz
B1. 0:17

7" record inside b/w jacket
111 copies on black vinyl

Track A2 is not listed on the packaging. The track appears under the title 'Gennjan Ůramiz' on the 2012 album HNI. Track B1 is a cover of Sovereign.

Dauganawat˘ (split with Likfńrd)
(self-released July 2012)

1. Wulkanaz - Breidungardaz
2. Likfńrd ľ Airikr

2x 5.25" floppy disk
58 copies

Wulkanaz side: "Taken from the "Kwetwan..." sessions recorded in year ten at Glipan Audio. This track is a heavily compressed mp3 with a bitrate of 16kbps.

HatilŠsegűn (split with Skuggeheim)
(Daudings Gjenklang DAUD 009 / Ătergap Productions ĂP 007 - March 2012)

A1. Skuggeheim - Fullbyrdet
B1. Wulkanaz - HatilŠsegűn

7" record inside b/w jacket with double-sided A4 insert with lyrics & art
Black vinyl

This hymn is written and performed through the presence of the lords year 11.

(Seedstock Records SS-10 - September 2011)

A1. Wulkana 1
B1. Wulkana 2

7" record inside metallic-silver printed double sided fold-over cover
500 copies on black vinyl

Cursed onto tape 1:st - 7:th of June year eleven at Glipan Audio.

Kwetwan Jah Dreuzaz
(Ătergap Productions ĂP 003 - April 2010)

A1/B1. Gabannam Deuzaz. (Bistapjan)
A2/B2. DrakofrekŠ Fan Spaki■Š LeuhsjŠ.
A3/B3. Rekwewilu.
A4/B4. BlŠtan Ůek Kunungam Durisa.
A5/B5. Merkwajan.
A6/B6. Furmistan WizŠn Fur FrijadŠmaz.
A7/B7. DunkalŠ.
A8/B8. Kwalman Af Mannaz. (Lennan)

Pro-duplicated & imprinted cassette with b/w insert
300 copies on black tapes with white print

Spawned under twilight possession from the presence of Them year 10 at month VI a.y.p.s. All poetry and ritualistic atmospheres is written and performed by the influence of Them.

Ůistilŕ swa ■aurn˘z
Haifstjan Dauri Diupi■a
┴ir uhtwon bloms wahstiz
Gennjan ■ramiz